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Based on the latest National Variety Trial data, you can compare variety performance between the herbicide tolerant systems:

  1. Select the year(s) and location(s) you’re interested in
  2. Select up to three varieties from any system
  3. Enter your farm inputs
  4. Email or export the results as a pdf or csv file

By selecting up to three varieties and entering your farm inputs you can see the expected Gross Margins and performance of these varieties for your selected area.

Roundup Ready canola varieties continue to perform, with high average yields and oil content leading to more profitable gross margins.

Select up to three varieties from any of the below herbicide tolerant systems.

As you select a variety, the number of remaining varieties available for comparison will automatically be limited to variety combinations planted at the same NVT sites.

When you select your preferred year(s) and region the number of varieties you can select from will also be reduced as your selection criteria becomes more specific. The number of sites that match your criteria is 0.

Roundup Ready
Triazine Tolerant
Triazine Tolerant/Roundup Ready

Number of sites - 0

You can accept the default values for farm size and canola price or enter your farm details for a more accurate indication of expected gross margins.

Hyola 404
  • Roundup Ready canola
  • Seed Company


Seed Cost



Herbicide inputs($/ha/growing season)


Total costs



Agronomic performance



Gross revenue




Variety comparison



Your Farm Inputs

You now have a good indication of the potential gross margins with the below herbicide tolerant canola varieties, for your farm.

Gross Margin figures for your whole farm
Yield and Oil values for each selected variety

You can either:

Email yourself a copy of your results

Export a summary of the comparison

Export the full NVT results as a csv file


For more information about Roundup Ready canola, contact your local Technology Service Provider (TSP) or visit the website.